Inspiration, Music, Motivation

Yelena Balabanova

           Inspiration, Music, Motivation

WELCOME to ICS (International Conservatory Studio)!

The Mission of the ICS is to educate, inspire and bing out the best in every student.

Music has the power to awaken and express human emotions with the ultimate depth and abundance. We invite you on an exciting journey to explore your inner artist and share the joy of making music. Do you want to be the best pianist you imagine yourself? We will take you further and higher you could ever dream of!

Students' comments:

" I want especially to thank you for everything that I have learned under your tutelage. Twice in the last two months, I have been complimented specifically on my touch, and how I can bring out such wonderful sounds from the piano.. I have you to thank for such compliments, as I owe discovering my musician's ear to your guidance, and playing with my current touch to your coaching. I really, really love to give people the kind of joy that shows on their faces when my playing touches them deeply, and I am much more able to do so because of our time together in Colorado Springs. Thank you so much!!" - John Saxon, pianist and ICS student

"After 31 years of physical therapy for the finger with severe injury, my pianism had not improved. I was then fortunate enough to meet Dr. Balabanova, an outstanding teacher who was kind enough to take on an adult student with many bad habits. After two years of high quality instruction, I can play for hours without any strain on the hands, arms or back and actually enjoy playing. The injured finger has continued to improve flexibility and my hands are very strong and controlled, plus on the side: I can open almost any jar!"

Pat M., ICS student

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