Inspiration, Music, Motivation

Yelena Balabanova

           Inspiration, Music, Motivation

ICS is proud to offer professional training for speakers and presenters, amateur, competitive, and professional. Our coaching is unique because it offers finesse and control resulting from thoughtful, constructive, and encouraging critique.

Yelena had terrible anxiety and shyness when performing in front of other people that resulted in failing admission to the conservatory TWICE and being locked out of post graduate program despite finishing the prestigious performance program at the top of her class. Now Yelena performs in front or 2500 people regularly and looks as one of the audience members put it "disgustingly" effortless. She became a sought after performer and presenter who is booked two years in advance.

When you sign up for private speaker coaching with Yelena at ICS, you will learn and master the same steps in just a few sessions that took Yelena twenty years to learn. When preparing for a presentation or contest, Yelena will guide you through every step of the way and all the way to discovering and delivering your true potential.

David Reed, DTM, 2012 District 2 International speech Champion; 2012 World Championship of Public Speaking Semifinalist - 2nd place - one of the 18 best speakers in the World.

Dick Newman, DTM, Retired Commercial Airpline Pilot